Zaadgoed foundation

Zaadgoed is a Netherlands based foundation focused on  pro-organic plant breeding, seed production and the conservation of agrobiodiversity
Zaadgoed ('good seed') is a nonprofit civil society organisation that supports  farmer and community based plant breeding and the conservation of traditional varieties for a gm-free, organic agriculture.

The Board of Stichting Zaadgoed consists of:
• Cor Zenhorst (organic gardener), chair
• Edwin Nuijten(Plant breeder at The Beersche Hoeve), treasurer
• Tineke Alberts (biodynamic breeder at Buitenbant)
• Willy Douma (freelance facilitator change processes in food and seedsystems)

We promote and support
• agrobiodiversity
• sustainable use of cultivars
• organic breeding methods

Results so far
• provided inputs for the development of  policy proposals, strategies and a long term vision on  breeding in the organic production chain and  assesses breeding methods for their suitability for organic breeding
• supported plant breeding activities ofprofessional organic breeders as well as participative breeding by groups of in collaboration  with breeding professional
• continuous exchange of  experiences with national and international contacts (Germany, EU)
• promoted  organic breeding through publications, lectures and extension days for  a wide audience of  breeders, farmers, consumers, retailers, wholesalers and scientist
• supported the maintenance of traditional varieties

Current projects
Donations made to Stichting Zaadgoed are used to support farmer breeders and initiatives that contribute to the aims of the Stichting. The Dutch part of the website provides stories of all the supported farmers and gives insight in their motivation, the choice of crops and the aims of their breeding activities. A smaller part of the donations is used for Dutch and Belgium based organisation that support farmer based organic breeding such as Reclaim the Seeds, Toekomstzaaien and Zelf zaden telen/ Vitale rassen (BE)

Would you like to support our foundation Zaadgoed? Please send an e-mail to:

Stichting Zaadgoed
Postbus 127
3700 AC Zeist