Foundation Zaadgoed, for organic plant breeding and agrobiodiversity
Organic Crop BreedingZaadgoed ('good seed') is a not-for-profit Dutch NGO for supporting plant breeding projects and preserving of traditional varieties for gm-free, organic agriculture.

We want to promote and develop
• biodiversity
• sustainable use of cultivars
• organic breeding methods
As these objectives are not being met fully by conventional plant breeding organisations, we primarily act in the interests of the organic sector.

Done so far
- developing of policy proposals, strategies and a long term vision for breeding in the organic production chain and to assess breeding methods for their suitability for organic breeding
- supporting and commissioning plant breeding activities by professional organic breeders, and participative breeding, by groups of farmers who commit to the breeding of a specific crop, in cooperation with breeding professionals
- national and international contacts
- promoting organic breeding through publications, lectures and extension days for breeders, farmers, consumers, retailers, wholesalers and scientists
- organising the maintaining of traditional varieties

The Executive Committee of Stichting Zaadgoed are:

Cor Zenhorst (organic gardener), chair

Edwin Nuijten(Louis Bolk Institute plant breeder), treasurer

Maaike Raaimakers (Bionext EU seed legislation department, ECOPB), secretary

Willy Douma (HIVOS)

Current projects
Donations made to Stichting Zaadgoed are being used for at least 70% in concrete projects. In the 2012-2013 season, these are the following:
Phytophthora and scab resistent potato
Lupin as a replacement for tropical soy
Traditional wheat varieties
Biennial crops breeding by farmer regional groups, synchronisation of cauliflower flowering

If you want to support Zaadgoed, please send e-mail to

Stichting Zaadgoed
Postbus 127
3700 AC Zeist