Stichting Zaadgoed
voor biologische zaadteelt en veredeling
en behoud van biodiversiteit
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De oprichtster van Stichting Zaadgoed heeft een basisboek geschreven over biologische veredeling.
Ook huidig bestuurslid Maaike Raaimakers heeft er aan bijgedragen.
Organic Crop Breeding
•Provides the most current information on the development of specific varieties to meet the specific requirements of organic production systems
•Valuable coverage of breeding for key traits in organic crops such as crop quality,  weed suppression, disease and pest management issues
•Includes a wide variety of crop-specific breeding case studies from crops ranging from carrots to wheat
E.T. Lammerts van Bueren & J.R. Myers (Eds), 2012. Organic Crop Breeding. Wiley-Blackwell, Hoboken, NY, USA

ISBN: 978-0-470-95858-2







Section 1 General Topics Related to Organic Plant Breeding

Chapter 1 Organic Crop Breeding: Integrating Organic Agricultural Approaches and Traditional and Modern Plant Breeding Methods

Chapter 2 Nutrient Management in Organic Farming and Consequences for Direct and Indirect Selection Strategies

Chapter 3 Pest and Disease Management in Organic Farming: Implications and Inspirations for Plant Breeding

Chapter 4 Approaches to Breed for Improved Weed Suppression in Organically Grown Cereals

Chapter 5 Breeding for Genetically Diverse Populations: Variety Mixtures and Evolutionary Populations

Chapter 6 Centralized or Decentralized Breeding: The Potentials of Participatory Approaches for Low-Input and Organic Agriculture

Chapter 7 Values and Principles in Organic Farming and Consequences for Breeding Approaches and Techniques

Chapter 8 Plant Breeding, Variety Release, and Seed Commercialization: Laws and Policies Applied to the Organic Sector

Section 2 Organic Plant Breeding in Specific Crops

Chapter 9 Wheat: Breeding for Organic Farming Systems

Chapter 10 Maize: Breeding and Field Testing for Organic Farmers

Chapter 11 Rice: Crop Breeding Using Farmer-Led Participatory Plant Breeding

Chapter 12 Soybean: Breeding for Organic Farming Systems

Chapter 13 Faba Bean: Breeding for Organic Farming Systems

Chapter 14 Potato: Perspectives to Breed for an Organic Crop Ideotype

Chapter 15 Tomato: Breeding for Improved Disease Resistance in Fresh Market and Home Garden Varieties

Chapter 16 Brassicas: Breeding Cole Crops for Organic Agriculture

Chapter 17 Onions: Breeding Onions for Low-Input and Organic Agriculture